Green Smoothie


Don’t fear the green smoothie! One of my favorite things to do with kale is to throw it in the blender. Green smoothies are equally as bright as they are energizing, especially with a zip of fresh ginger lingering on the tongue. In honor of my healthy recipe week, I have made a beautiful kale, apple and ginger smoothie. Here’s the recipe (measurements are estimates, as I tend just throw the items in the blender with little regard to measuring cups and spoons):

  • A splash of apple juice or cider (I used fresh cider from Hood River)
  • A few strong squeezes of a lemon
  • A hefty bunch of lacinato kale (washed, and torn into pieces)
  • A few pieces of chopped apple
  • A few spoonfuls of greek yogurt (plain or honey flavored)
  • Grated fresh ginger (I love these microplanes)


It helps to put the liquids in the blender first, and then throw in everything else. This is a great snack or light breakfast. Next time, I might experiment with a pinch of cayenne. I had a lemon, ginger and cayenne Kombucha last night and it was delicious.

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