Sweet potato tacos


This week, I plan to eat as many whole foods as possible (I may or may not have overdosed on greasy pizza and whiskey this weekend). So, instead of the usual quesadilla with canned beans, cheese and some sort of sauteed veggie mixture I make for a quick meal, I made these sweet potato tacos. They’re tasty, healthy and substantial enough for a post-workout meal.


Roast a sweet potato for about at hour at 400 degrees. In the grocery store, you will find yams (orange in color and what is commonly mistake for a sweet potato) and actual sweet potatoes (that look conspicuously like yukon gold or russet potatoes). No, the store hasn’t been mislabeling the potatoes all this time. Moving on. Let the sweet potato cool, and slice or mash as desired. Warm corn tortillas in the oven, microwave or in a saute pan, and top with dandelion greens (or arugula), sweet potato, diced avocado, thin slices of radish, salsa and crema. I found Crema Mexicana at Fred Meyer. I am always impressed by their ethnic food and spice selection. Crema is more mild and thin than sour cream. Crumbled cotija or queso fresco would also be good here.


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